Google Back­up

Unbreakable Google Protection

Google Back­up

Login via Google

Instantly generate a new wallet by logging through your Google account. With no personal data transfer, Ferz Wallet ensures absolute anonymity.


Automatic Backup

Logging in via Google prompts the app to automatically back up your wallet on Google Drive. Lost keys? Restore your wallet access anytime.

Two Birds, One Stone

Thanks to logging in via Google, you can create a wallet and its backup with just one click. It's super fast and super convenient. This login feature is unique to Ferz Wallet.


When logging in without using a Google account, you can also create a backup on Google Drive, but through a separate procedure.

Backup Encryption

The seed phrase is encrypted in an invisible folder that is not accessible even to the owner of the Google account. Even if someone hacks your Google Drive, they won't find anything.

Moreover, you can create any number of wallet backups on the same Google Drive, and none of them will be discovered by intruders — the folder remains hidden.


Swiss Bank-Level Protection

Access to the seed phrase is only possible through the Ferz app in combination with your Google account login.

If you enable Google's two-factor authentication, the protection level will be on par with Swiss banks. Such protection is only available in Ferz.

Lifehack: Erasing Traces


Create a backup of the seed phrase on Google Drive, and then delete the account with assets from your mobile phone.

If you also disconnect Google Drive from Ferz Wallet, there will be no traces or evidence of asset presence on your phone at all.

User security is the credo of Ferz and the DeFi world