Passive In­come

Make Your Assets Work for You

Earn up to 40% APY with Ferz Wallet

Passive In­come
  • Savings



  • Thorchain LP



  • Maya LP



APY of Top Assets in Ferz Wallet


Deposit Your Assets

Deposit your assets and let them rain monthly income. Turn idle or underperforming crypto into a money-making machine.


All Deposits Are Decentralized

All invested cryptocurrency is distributed within the network, not in a specific account. No one can freeze or block your assets.


Become a Liquidity Provider

Contribute assets to liquidity pools and receive a share of the fees from all swaps in the pool. Unlock the full potential of passive income with Ferz Wallet.


Withdraw Funds Anytime

Withdraw assets whenever you want: whether it's a day, an hour, or a minute after the blockchain transaction is confirmed.

Remember: with Ferz, your assets work for you