Decentralized means safe


Ferz Wallet is fully decentralized

Without KYC

Your invested crypto is network-distributed, not tied to any specific account. Your assets are unfreezeable, unblockable and completely in your control.


Client-side encryption

Your data stays with you. Encrypted solely on your device, it never reaches our servers. No server data means there's nothing to steal. Maximum security, guaranteed.

Manage your own funds

We work on the principle of 'self-banking'. Unlike custodial cryptocurrency wallets where your crypto is managed by exchanges, we have no middlemen or third parties. Only you control and store your funds.


Only you have the keys.

We can't freeze or manage your funds in any way because only you have the keys. We don't keep them and we don't give them to anyone else.

Full security is when everything is decentralized

Swaps and all passive income are also decentralized. Everything happens based on code and protocols that work automatically. No middlemen or third parties. No third parties in anything.


Not your keys, not your crypto