Invite New Users

Get up to 50% commission on their transactions


Our Referral Program is Your Business

Content creators, bloggers, influencers - monetize your traffic and earn cryptocurrency by inviting new users to Ferz Wallet.

How the Program Works

With the referral program, you can invite other crypto enthusiasts to create an account in Ferz Wallet and earn up to 50% commission on every transaction they make.


Create a Link

Simply create a referral link inside the wallet


Share it with Others

Send the link to others or post it on social media, your blog, or website. The number of invited users through the link is unlimited.


Earn Commission

Earn up to 50% commissions every time your referrals make transactions in Ferz Wallet


Track Performance

Track the effectiveness and manage your referral links right inside Ferz Wallet. View how much revenue each individual link has generated and the overall profit from all referrals.


Profit Calculation

You can choose to receive the full commission or convert a portion of the commission into a discount for the referral's transactions. Agree in advance and become true business partners with Ferz Wallet.

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