Terms and Conditions

We know how important data protection is these days and will do everything we can to protect your privacy and preserve your trust. Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions and, if we make additional changes to our policies, you’ll be the first to know.

1. General provisions

1.1. This document is an Offer Agreement for Service Rendering. It describes rules and terms of use of ferz.com.

1.2. Please read this agreement carefully before using the ferz.com service. Using the service you confirm familiarization and agreement with the following terms and conditions.

1.3 If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, please don't use this service. The following terms and conditions for using may be unilaterally reconsidered by the service company administration without prior notice at any time.

1.4. The service company provides access to peer to peer network using the software package that is functioning in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

1.5. The software, services and other materials are provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis with no guarantees either expressed or implied. The website administration does not guarantee that the functions contained on the following website will be constantly available and be free from bugs or defects, and the servers used for the work with the website don't comprise viruses or other harmful components.

1.6. The ferz.com service company is not liable for any material losses or damage, either direct or indirect, caused by the use or inability to use the ferz.com service or the material, information, software, resources, services or any other content of the ferz.com, even if the ferz.com service company has got a warning that such material losses or damage is possible.

1.7. The ferz.com service user takes all the risks dealing with potential losses caused by rate fluctuations of the virtual or national currencies, governmental actions concerning restrictions on the use of virtual or national currencies in country of residence or country of transaction.

1.8. Only persons who attained the age of majority under current legislation of the host state may use the services of ferz.com.

1.9. All third-party systems fees (payment kiosks network, banks, bitcoin network) are paid by user.

2. Usage rules

2.1. User should enter valid data at any stage of using ferz.com (while using payment kiosks, code activation, applying for withdrawal, registering an account in the Private Cabinet).

2.2. Registered user is solely responsible for his authorization data’s safety. User should enter his authorization data only into proper forms of ferz.com website. Authorization data transmission to a third party is forbidden.

2.3. The activation code may be redeemed by a registered user only if the phone number entered at the payment kiosk coincides with the phone number of his account.

2.4. After log into Personal Cabinet you can review history of all transactions bind to your account.

2.5. For unregistered users WEX coupons are displayed only once. Registered user may review WEX coupons in transactions history after logging into Personal Cabinet.

2.6. You confirm your actions on website by click on submit buttons.

2.7. Any information about transaction (e.g. date, time, bitcoin wallet address) is provided after user grants a scanned copy or photo of the receipt.



3. Third-Party Relationships

3.1. While making transactions using the ferz.com service at expense of the third party funds possessions the users are solely responsible for the funds to the third party. The ferz.com service company is not a party of the transaction, and so is not liable to the third party for the user's compliance with any obligations towards it and is not a party to disputes, which may be caused by such circumstances.

3.2. The service does not accept and fulfill the requests coming from the third party concerning the ferz.com service on any other grounds, including claims against the user by the third party.

3.3. The service company does not provide information concerning transactions committed by the user to the third party on any other grounds, and is not liable for providing incomplete or distorted information about its deals to any third party.

3.4. ferz.com service company is not an electronic payment system. The user shall not transmit activation codes (transaction IDs) and WEX coupons to any third party, or specify a bitcoin-address or bankcard number, which belongs to someone else, while code (transaction ID) activation. The user takes all the risks dealing with incorrect usage of the service.

4. Third-Party Relationships

4.1. The service used through the payment kiosks are made on the ferz.com service web-site only.

4.2. When paying via payment kiosks, the users should be guided by the work rules of the correspondent kiosk established by the kiosk owners.

4.3. A receipt with a transaction ID is confirmation of the payment. The transaction ID on the receipt is the passkey to the service. The user is liable for its possible discreditation. The user who was the first to enter the code on the web-site is recognized to be the owner of the code entitled to use the service.

4.4. All service payment transfers via payment kiosks are irrevocable.

4.5. Entering the transaction ID (which is indicated on the kiosk receipt) on the ferz.com web-site the user confirms his providing with the service. This act is equal to signing of the act of work performed and confirms fulfillment of the obligations to the user by the service company.

4.6. The transaction ID is considered valid for 30 calendar days from receipt. If the user doesn't enter the code on the ferz.com service web-site or specify the address of the wallet for any reason, the code will be considered canceled and monetary funds will not be returned to the user. These circumstances are treated like that, which haven't allowed the service company to provide the service to the user, and so the user has no right to demand providing of the service and waives of any claims to the service company.

4.7. The service cost is fixed at the moment of typing the bitcoin address on the website.

5. Applying of plastic (bank) cards for account replenishment

5.1. Payment for service can be made using credit cards by entering user-relevant details on websites of bank and/or service provider, which performs processing of credit cards.

5.2. When payment is made by credit cards using websites of banks and/or service providers engaged in processing of credit cards, users are guided by relevant rules established by owners of the kiosk and these Terms and Conditions.

5.3. All payment transactions via credit (bank) cards are irrevocable. Services provided by the company are non-cancelable and non-returnable. We do not provide refunding after debiting from the bank card.

5.4. After successful payment on websites of bank and/or provider, which performs processing of credit cards, user is required to confirm his own address in the system.

5.5. By entering own address in the system user accepts, that he(she) has signed the Certificate of Completion and has no any claims to the service on the implementation of its obligations to him(her).

5.6. Purchase of services provided by the company might be illegal in the country of residence of the user. The cardholder is responsible for observanse of laws of his country while using services of the company.

6. Illegal use of the service

6.1. The transaction ID is used only for identification on the website of the person who has contributed cash into the kiosk. The code transmission to third parties is prohibited.

6.2. The ferz.com service company, its administration, staff and domain owners are not responsible for unlawful use of the service by third parties, actions of intruders and potential damage caused by using the service and transmission of the transaction ID to third party.

6.3. All the available transactions' details may be provided to the law enforcement bodies on the first legal demand.

7. Fighting against legalization of funds obtained by criminal means

7.1. The ferz.com service company warns the users against the attempts of using the ferz.com service for legalization of funds obtained by criminal mean, and against using the service for buying illegal goods and services.

7.2. Due to the foregoing, the ferz.com service company assumes no legal responsibility for using it in order to legalize funds obtained by criminal means or buy illegal goods and services.